Cookies Policy


The Web site uses cookies to improve user navigation experience.

Cookies are small text files with information stored by the web server on the computer of a user, so that each time the user visits the web page, the web page retrieves said information and provides the user with relevant services.

The cookies of our Web site are divided into two categories:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies –StandardCookies: They are essential for the site to function properly and for the improvement of its functionality.
  2. GoogleAnalyticsCookies: On the one hand they help us understand the way visitors have interactions with the site by collecting anonymous information, while on the other they enable the appearance of advertisements that are more interesting and attractive for each user.

The legal bases of processing of the data collected through the use of cookies are a) the consent of users, b) the fulfilment of contractual mandates, and c) the legal interests of our Company.

Cookies are stored on the computer of the users, who can fully control their application. Users can disable or restrict cookies by adjusting their browser settings. This process can also be carried out through automatic configuration. However, please note that restricting cookies may impact the performance and functionality of our Web site.

For detailed information on the collection and processing of personal data by our Company, please refer to the Privacy Notice.

This document was updated on 10/02/2021:

Strictly necessary Cookies- Standard Cookies
Name Purpose
USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIE Checks whether the browser of the user supports cookies
external_no_cache Checks whether caching is disabled or not
persistent_shopping_cart Creation of the session purpose
Stf Timestamp creation, in case a product Link is emailed to friends
pollN Unique ID creation when a user participates in a competition – ‘poll’
frontend Unique ID creation for each session
guest-view Allows users the option to edit their order
Google Analytics Cookies
Name Purpose
_utma Distinguishes visitors-customers and sessions
_utmt Used to throttle request rate
_utmb Determines new session and new visitors
_utmz Identifies the way the user reached the web site
_utmv Stores visitor-level custom variable data
Linkwise Cookies
Name Purpose
lkws_{cam_id} contains unique click identifier cookie on advertiser’s domain, entry in IE userData, entry in HTML5 web storage
lwst_{cam_id} contains identifier of last referrer
lkws_{cam_id}_cache contains unique click identifier